Samsung Galaxy S22: The Rumors About Samsungs Next Flagship

So many rumors and speculations are floating about future smartphones. Mainly about Apple iPhone 13 and Samsung Galaxy S22. As each flagship phone is improving from the current models. Anyway, the Apple event is coming soon. That way, you will know more about the iPhone 13 and other Apple products such as the iPad Mini 6 and AirPods.

On the other hand, Samsung as their main competitor chooses to work silently in the background. But of course, rumors have been circulating about the improvements that the Samsung Galaxy S22 will have.

While waiting for the official confirmation on the S22. Let’s recap and compare the information on the new phone based on the confirmed rumors. And see how it holds up with the current Galaxy S21.

samsung galaxy s22

Samsung Galaxy S22 speculations and compare

When the first alleged rendering of the Samsung Galaxy S22 got leaked, a lot of people notice that the handsets don’t change much. However, a recent leak informed that S22 will be smaller and thinner than the current Samsung S21.

To compare, the current S21 is sized at 6.2 inches for the base version. Galaxy S21 plus is at 6.7 inches, and S21 Ultra is at 6.82 inches. The upcoming Galaxy S22 will start at 6.05 inches for the base version. Plus is at 6.5 inches, and S22 Ultra will stay the same at 6.82 inches.

This is against their trend. Samsung is known to keep enlarging its phones ever since Galaxy S10. And this reverse take on the dimension may affect the battery capacity as the phone may house a smaller battery.

There might be a Camera upgrade

At the moment, fans are divided between expecting a large megapixel camera, with those who want better software. Mind you, there was an alleged render that shows Samsung S22 has a 200MP camera. And there’s also news about Samsung’s partnership with AMD and Olympus.

galaxy s22 camera

The latest leak confirmed that Samsung will refine the 108MP sensor on the current S21 Ultra and put it on the new S22. It is still unclear what kind of camera that Samsung will put on the  S22 Plus and the S22 Ultra. Not to mention the options for selfie camera design.

A Possible Bump in Processor

Ever since Qualcomm released their new Snapdragon 888 plus not too long ago, many speculations about Samsung working on it. One rumor even believed that Samsung is the only one to be working on having the latest Snapdragon in their smartphones.

And don’t forget that Samsung has a partnership with AMD. This brings a lot of Samsung fans to hope for an AMD GPU for a graphic boost. The power of both Snapdragon and AMD-powered GPU will make the Samsung Galaxy S22 set a new standard of flagship phone graphic prowess.

Before you start to worry about the battery performance. You need to remember that Samsung has LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide). This technology allows the screen to change the screen refresh rate dynamically, without any other hardware. That way, switching from gaming to work to idle won’t use up a lot of battery. Samsung said that LTPO can save up to 16% battery usage. However, the rumor said that LTPO will only be available for S22 Ultra.

New Battery and Charging power

Since the phone will be smaller in dimension, many analysts are speculating that S22 will be packing a similar or perhaps battery than the S21 series. However, S22 will be supported by 65w fast charging. A significant improvement compared to the 25w fast charge that the current S21 is packing.

galaxy s22 65w fast charging

One thing for sure is that the S22 won’t have a charger and headphones included in the box. As Samsung has confirmed when they released S21 back then. Their future smartphone releases won’t have chargers and headphones included, and each accessory is sold separately.

It’s important to take note that the pricing scheme for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22 may not be much different than the S21. The basic version is started at $799. There is a chance that it will be lower, depending on the final specs.

It will be interesting to watch how Samsung Galaxy S22 holds the competition with iPhone 13 that will be unveiled soon. As you know, the Apple event is in September, while any official news on Samsung Galaxy S22 series still has to wait until 2022.