How to Undelete Photos From HTC 10 Phone Easily

Have you ever not accidentally delete a photo in the gallery of your smartphone? When you don’t accidentally delete it, then you will feel confused. Besides that, you also think to be able to restore the image. Of course you have many reasons to return to the gallery. For users of HTC phone, in order to undelete photos from HTC 10, we will explain you how you can recover deleted pictures in this article. The best way to recover deleted images is to use a wide choice of recovery tools of different software to help you get back deleted images on the HTC 10.

undelete photos from htc 10

Steps to undelete photos from HTC 10 phone

  1. Download DrFone for Android.
  1. Install the software on your Windows PC.
  1. Launch the program and follow the directions .

If you have opened the software, make sure that your HTC 10 connect to a PC with a USB cable. After connect, you must have USB Debugging enabled which is the developer options menu. If HTC 10 you have to be in developer mode, look at the end of the settings there is an option to enable USB Debugging. Tap that option and you will immediately see a notification at the bottom of the program Dr. Fone that USB Debugging is enabled and open. After that, you follow the instructions on the screen and select the file you want to restore on your HTC 10.

When the process has been completed by DrFone, to be able to restore all the files that you want to recover all you have to do is just select the Recover button to get your deleted files back of your HTC 10.