Numerous Smart iPhone 12 Tips Battery Life to use the Phone Longer

Use the iPhone 12 tips battery life to maximize the performance of the device. Everybody cannot deny the fact that the lifespan of the battery on a smartphone is not durable. You can compare it to the old phone. Apparently, it is normal because iPhone 12, iPad, and the other smartphone have a lot of applications.

The presence spends a lot of battery though do not use all feature. Okay, do not worry because you can solve it. The most important thing is you follow the tips for better iPhone 12 battery life well. Get it here! For more trick, you need to read iPhone 12 user guide for beginner’s here.

iphone 12 tips battery life

iPhone 12 Tips Battery Life that you can follow

Try to follow these 10 steps to maximize the performance of the battery. Now, let’s count it:

  1. Figure out what makes your battery easy to run out.
  2. Activate the low power mode when your battery is 20%. Do it with open Setting and Battery.
  3. Improve the Auto-lock.
  4. Disables location service. Open Setting, Privacy, and Location Service.
  5. Turn of the notification for your email account. Do it through the Setting, Accounts& Password, and Fetch New Data.
  6. Turn on the Auto-brightness on the Setting, General, Accessibility, and Display Accommodation.
  7. Disable your data when you find a WIFI connection
  8. Turn off the background auto-refresh.
  9. Activate the Airplane Mode when you do not have a called.
  10. Charge the battery on the computer when it is on.

The Other Ways to save your Battery

Luckily, you have a lot of ways to save your battery. It is such as:

  • Do the battery life.
  • Check for update on Setting, General, Software Updates.
  • Use an external battery.
  • Battery health (BETA).
  • Turn off the Raise to Wake.
  • Turn off 4G.
  • Kill the Auto time zone.
  • Edit search.
  • Download ahead of time.
  • Dismiss the unnecessary animation.
  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Turn off AirDrop.
  • Reduce the auto-lock time.
  • Turn off vibrations.
  • Turn off the automatic download.
  • Closing apps.
  • Turn off the Siri through the Setting and Siri& Search.
  • Turn off iCloud from the Setting, your name, and iCloud.
  • Reduce the volume from the Setting to the Music.
  • Show your battery percentage from the Setting, Battery Percentage.

There are so many iPhone 12 tips for battery life here. Of course, you never suppose that iPhone 12 has the tips as many as above. Although you have got any tips, you should always upgrade your information. Well, happy enjoying your iPhone 12 but do not exceed in the usage. Moreover, you only use it something not important. Share this information and thank you for reading.