The Professional Surface Pro 4 Pen to Create Digital Notes

Go with modern professional pen with surface pro 4 pen. With this pen, you are able to create digital notes, wrote and mark up your document easily. Writing with Surface pro 4 is as much as and feel as writing in a paper. There is precision in in one side end and there an eraser in other end. The technology of Palm Block ignored the hand pressure when you are using your pen. With 1024 pressure levels of sensitivity and less latency, you are able to control the paint and draw with artistic precisions.

surface pro 4 pen

How to use Surface Pro 4 pen

The surface pen, especially on the surface pro 4 versions has package with a lot of convenience that make it is as comfortable pen for your on-screen drawing and writing.  To use it, pair your surface pen with your surface book.  Make sure that Bluetooth is turn on. After it is connect, try the features in the top button, for example, open the Cortana features. Open OneNote to create your notes, organize, and find to share your information.  To put screen shot with the pen, use double click features.  You can use surface pen in apps that supports with inking.

The Pen features

The surface pen is equipped with high-technology features that make it easy to use. There is magnetic surface for attach your surface pen into your magnetic surface in conveniently. Next is LED that will glows in white when the pen is paired and indicated low battery when the LED glows with red light. The Bluetooth allow waking up the Cortana features in the top button. In the right button, the tip end is workable as right click button.  Next is tips that work with palm block technology and sensitive multi point features that built into surface device and allows you to writing and drawing in naturally with surface pro 4 pen.