How to Factory Reset iPhone 11 without iTunes Easier

If you are an iPhone 11 user, probably you have faced the major problems and needed to do factory reset iPhone 11 without iTunes. Why without iTunes? Some of you perhaps haven’t managed the iTunes, so to do the factory reset you should do it without the iTunes.

Another reason is that some people find it difficult to do a factory reset through the iTunes. Some of them are hard to follow the steps. Some people also find it confusing. But before they do, they are usually asking about the possibility to do it. And of course, you can do it easily.

factory reset iphone 11

Steps to factory reset iPhone 11 without iTunes

You can just do the factory reset the phone. You will not need three parties. So this will benefit you. The first step to do a factory reset iPhone 11 without iTunes is by heading to your home screen and then move to the Settings menu. After that, go to the General option and choose Reset menu.

Be careful when you are in this option. You will see the menu “Erase All Content and Settings“. Tap it and make sure that you have thought about it before. Once you tap it, you will see the dialogue that you will need to enter the password.

After entering your password, you can tap the option Erase iPhone 11. After this, you will need to wait until the phone is reset.

Additional information

Before you do the factory reset, you have to do a backup if you have a significant data. It is necessary if you have many important files. You need to know that factory reset will delete all the data. Back up the data on iTunes or iCloud.

If you do this before factory reset, you can get your phone back and use your previous data. Doing factory reset iPhone 11 without iTunes is not only easier, but it will also resolve the problems.