How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 and Back to Default Settings

Knowing and understanding factory reset iPhone 13 is essential for you. It can be so especially for you who often operate this phone. Why can it be like that? The answer is because to know the way to get factory reset will be useful when the phone experience some problems.

Talking about some problems of iPhone 13, there may be some problems which are possible to happen. The potential problems which may occur are like being unresponsive, not working regularly, poor software issue and some other issues. So, that is why it is essential to master the way to factory reset your iPhone 13.

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Also, before you decide to reset your phone, you are suggested to find the right tutorials. Therefore, try to get some references to reboot your phone. Thus, you can more certainly do the factory reset. By reading this article, you will hopefully get a good reference to reset your phone by yourselves. Here are the simple ways to reboot your iPhone 13.

How to factory reset iPhone 13 you should know

  1. Backup iPhone

Before you click the ‘reset,’ it is better for you to backup everything important in the phone. The important things can include, applications, files, and other data saved in both phone and external storage. It is important to do because resetting the phone will erase all of them. So, when you do not want to lose them, just back up first.

  1. Go to Setting

On the screen of your iPhone 13, scroll the screen to the ‘setting’, then tap it and wait several choices appear. In this case, don’t tap the wrong choices. Make sure you tap the one which can lead you to make a factory reset to the phone.

  1. Tap General and Reset

After you go to the setting, the next step is to tap general. After that, there will appear several choices too. Then, tap Reset. After you tap it, there will be a choice. So, tap it to accomplish your process of doing a factory reset.

  1. Tap ‘Erase All Content and Setting.’

The last step, you can end the process by tapping the latest notification that appears. It will say ‘Erase All Content and Setting.’ after you do it, you can just wait for the process of resetting finishes. When it finishes, your phone will turn back to the factory setting.

Considering that it is beneficial for you to iPhone 13 users, to learn how to reset iPhone 13 is a must for you. It will be helpful when suddenly your phone gets trouble or error, and you need to reset it at that time. Well, that is all about the importance of knowing the way to factory reset iPhone. Hopefully, it will be one of the excellent references for you.