Style meets Function

We felt that a product as magical as the iPad deserves a case that is both stylish and functional, in essence forming true harmony with your iPad. We challenged boring with an infusion of deep burgundy into elegant black and a touch of zen. All wrapped in premium elements and our soft touch interior lining for superior comfort and grip.

Clean Comfort

The Harmony case features an embedded interior kickstand that allows you to type away at an ergonomic angle. In addition this approach minimizes surface contact with a table to keep dirt and germs away and your case clean. When done typing, the flap closes back securely into the cover and you are good to go.

Access granted

Protection for the back of your iPad without compromising accessibility or sacrificing style. By reducing the back plate just enough to compensate for the curvature of the iPad, we allowed for easy access to all ports and buttons, exposed the speaker for a loud clear sound all the while creating a stunning unique look.

As smart as they get

The harmony case comes equipped with embedded magnets enabling on/sleep functionality on your iPad*. Just open the lid and your iPad springs to life, close it and it goes to sleep till the next time you need it. Other magnets ensure that your cover stays securely closed when on the move.