Google Home Mini: Why do You Need to Have this?

Google Home Mini is an attractive gadget that looks similar to the iPod touch. It looks like a mini MP3 player and it also plays compacted-air music through the same earbuds as your iPod. However, it is different from the iPod because it doesn’t have a dock and instead, it plugs directly into a wall socket. The mini-speaker can be used as a portable speaker if you need to travel a lot. As for what is Google Home Mini worth? That depends on how good you want it to perform.

What is Google Home Mini

The first thing that you should know before you begin your search for the Google home mini is that this is not just another smart speaker.  It is one of the only smart speakers on the market that makes use of the internet to allow you to control the volume and track selection of the speaker. Therefore, while this device may not be the cutting-edge device when it comes to smart speakers, it is certainly a step above the rest.

The Google Home Mini is a small electronic speaker that plugs right into any electrical outlet, but rather than having hands free options like the iPod touch, it has a voice-control option. Instead, you simply control it by speaking into the microphone on the device.

google home mini

As far as capabilities go, the Google home mini has quite a few. In addition to the normal functionality of which it is capable of, it also offers two extra features that you might find interesting. First, there are touch controls on the front and rear cameras, as well as on the device itself. In this regard, you will find that it is more comparable to other products in the same price range, such as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini and the Zune smartphone.

Home mini Feature

However, this product does have several advantages over those similar to it, such as the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini in terms of its size. While it is true that other competitors offer phones with similar features, such as the iPhone and Nokia Touch, they are generally available in very slim packages indeed.

The Google home mini can fit into a much smaller package, which makes it an attractive option for those who wish to buy one but who don’t necessarily need a smart phone with all of the additional functions that accompany many of the higher-end devices. Secondly, it offers consumers with all of the same features and benefits that you would find with more expensive products.

Therefore, if you have your heart set on owning one of these devices but want to keep your budget low, this can certainly work to your advantage.

google home mini feature

One of the best features of the Google home mini is its multi-room capability. This means that you will not have to move your speaker around any more than is necessary. Each zone of the device corresponds to a separate cable, which means that you will be able to enjoy music from multiple sources in each respective zone.

While this feature does require that you turn the volume up to your desired level before going to bed, it is well worth having your wake up phone ring instead! The same is true of the built-in speakers. While some brands do not offer an external speaker built into the device, many do, and you will be able to enjoy music from your stereo regardless of where you are in the house.

Final advantage

The final advantage of the Google home mini is the fact that it works well with the new Google Now update. This is provided that you have already downloaded the latest version of the Google app. While it may not be ideal for those who still use Gmail for the main mail server or have the latest version of Yahoo Mail installed on their devices, this is still a wonderful product for anyone looking to simplify their lifestyle.

As the name suggests, you can now bring your netbook, smartphone, and home music device into sync with one another, with the added benefit of being able to access them wirelessly from anywhere.

Even better, Google has also included features such as being able to hear your favorite songs through your netbook or smartphone while you are out traveling or camping, which means that you can enjoy great music while you are away from home.