Simple Guide to Record 4K Video on Google Pixel Easily

With the new great camera that came up with high-resolution ability to catch the moment through the video, trying it is a must. Google Pixel camera is a thing that claimed as the greatest video recorder so far. The good that you can do with this camera is that now you can record a 4K UHD video. This will be the video that becomes your favorite due to the high resolution that you have never met before. How to make it? Follow these simple instructions to record 4K video on Google Pixel.

record 4K video on google pixel

Step by step to record 4K video on Google Pixel

To begin this high-resolution recording, you should go to your “Camera” menu. Yes, it is like the usual feature for the video on any device. After selecting the “Camera,” look for the three horizontal lines icon that appears at the top left. This is an icon to get more options for your camera feature, including the video.

google pixel camera setting

After selecting the three lines based icon, then tap the “Settings.” Under the “Video,” you will see the “Back camera video resolution.” Tap this menu and select “UHD 4K“.

Once you tap that menu, you can start recording your stunning video in high resolution. It is easy, isn’t it?

Does 4K Video worth?

The answer depends on you. Some people record at the 4K video to capture the best moment that probably doesn’t happen twice. On the other hand, the high-resolution video will affect the file in visual and the audio. So it is worth to have it.

If you want to turn it to be the usual video recorder, just do the same as the instructions above. After you select the “Back camera video resolution,” you should choose the other options either the HD 1080p or the 720p.

With these simple instructions to record 4K video on Google Pixel, you can record a stunning video at anytime you want. The result will be impressive, mainly if it’s the best moment.